Geneva Study Tour

Nuffield Centre for International Health & Development

Photo above - Students at the top of Mont Blanc, 2017

Nuffield Students are invited to attend a one week study tour in Geneva, Switzerland, from Monday 19th - Monday 26th March 2018.  This trip takes place directly before the Easter holidays, giving students the opportunity to travel throughout the Schengen states afterwards, however any onward travel is solely the responsibility of the student.

Students may also get the opportunity to meet Nuffield alumni who now work in WHO and various NGOs, giving them an opportunity to plan and develop their career progression.

Geneva group 2017
Photo above: Students enjoying a lecture at the World Health Organisation, 2017

More information on what to expect:
During the week, students will have access to two half day lectures at WHO which have been designed specifically for them, along with a visit and lecture within the Library itself.  Please see below a selection of the topics offered over the past few years, but they do vary from year to year as we  try to introduce new lectures dependent on what is happening globally (e.g. Zika, Ebola),  as well as listening to suggestions made by former students.

  • Health Financing                                                                           "
  • NCDs and Malnutrition
  • WHO Employability
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Essential Medicines
  • Outbreak Response
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Childhood poisoning
  • TB
  • Malaria
  • Diabetes   

Quotes from Nuffield students
This visit provided interesting insights …... It was an outstanding experience and I am grateful for the opportunity as it was very inspiring and emotional"

"This is a very comprehensive learning experience with the chance of learning from WHO staff and other UN Agencies. A very important course for Public Health Staff that would want to push their career at an international or National level."

We also offer students the opportunity to visit GAVI, MSF, Geneva Global Health Hub, UNISDR, UNHCR, UNAIDS, IFRC and OHCHR among others, and they are given an e-copy of all handouts and lecture notes to keep, as well as a visit to the Red Cross and United Nations Museums.

Its not all work, there is also an optional one day trip to Mont Blanc, France, which will cost approximately £95, and  lots of opportunity to socialise and enjoy the lake and shops in Geneva.

The cost of this 7 day tour, which is partly subsidised by the University of Leeds,  is £430 if taken as an optional module and £580 if taken as part of your personal development.   All arrangements, including the student Schengen visa which is valid for the study tour only, are made by the University of Leeds.

Join us in Leeds next year and you too could have the opportunity to take part in this study opportunity. 

Sponsored Students:
If you are a sponsored student, we would suggest that you contact your sponsor prior to coming to Leeds to check if they are willing to pay for this trip.  Students on a Joint Japan World Bank Graduate (JJ/WBG) Scholarships Program, please contact the Module Leader, Reinhard Huss, if you are interested in attending the Geneva Study Tour.











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Contact details for more information:
Please contact Anita Mitchell in the first instance. Page updated on 9.8.2017.