Geneva Study Tour

Nuffield Centre for International Health & Development

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Photo above - Student overlooking Lake Geneva, 2017

Overview: Nuffield Students are invited to attend a one week study tour in Geneva, Switzerland which consists of lectures and visits to various UN Agencies, NGOs, Museums and the World Health Organisation.  This trip takes place directly before the Easter holidays.

Students may also get the opportunity to meet Nuffield alumni who work in these various agencies, giving them an opportunity to plan and develop their career progression, and to visit the Red Cross and United Nations Museums. 

Photo above: Students enjoying a lecture, 2017

More information on what to expect: In the past lectures have covered the following topics but it does change from year to year depending on staff availability.

  • Health Financing                                                                          
  • NCDs and Malnutrition
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Essential Medicines
  • Outbreak Response
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Childhood poisoning
  • TB and Malaria
  • Diabetes
  • Vaccines 
  • Ebola
  • Zika 
  • HIV/Aids 

Quotes from Nuffield students
This visit provided interesting insights …... It was an outstanding experience and I am grateful for the opportunity as it was very inspiring and emotional"

"This is a very comprehensive learning experience with the chance of learning from WHO staff and other UN Agencies. A very important course for Public Health Staff that would want to push their career at an international or National level."

Cost: The cost of this tour is additional to your University registration fee and the full cost for 2018 was approximately £690. Priority is given to students who take the tour as an optional module but some spaces may be available to students who take it as part of their personal development. All arrangements, including the student Schengen visa, transport, accommodation and travel insurance are organised by the University of Leeds, however you have the option to make your own arrangements if you wish. 

Join us in Leeds and you too could enjoy this unique experience.

Sponsored Students: If you are a sponsored student, we would suggest that you contact your sponsor prior to coming to Leeds to check if they are willing to pay for this trip.  Students are invited to contact the Module Leader if they have any questions - Reinhard Huss.

Photo below: students checking in for their flight at the airport. [For more photographs, please click here.]

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