Study in the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development

For over 30 years, the Nuffield Centre has been successfully training health professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in health systems around the world. We have an international reputation for high-quality teaching. Studying in the well-equipped and friendly environment of Leeds will ensure you have a satisfying and memorable student experience.

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Click on the programme titles below for more information or browse the Nuffield DVD. Part 1 contains general information about the Nuffield Centre and the University of Leeds including information on teaching facilities and student interviews. Part 2 contains information on the International Office, accommodation and the Library. These are hosted by YouTube.

You can see a copy of our Taught Course Brochure for 2017-18 here.  [*Please see disclaimer below]

*Important Information: Information provided by the University such as in presentations, University brochures and the University website, is accurate at the time of first disclosure. However, courses, University services and content of publications remain subject to change. Changes may be necessary to comply with the requirements of accrediting bodies or to keep courses contemporary through updating practices or areas of study. Circumstances may arise outside the reasonable control of the University, leading to required changes. Such circumstances include, industrial action, unexpected student numbers, significant staff illness (where a course is reliant upon a person’s expertise), unexpected lack of funding, severe weather, fire, civil disorder, political unrest, government restrictions and serious concern with regard to the transmission of serious illness making a course unsafe to deliver. After a student has taken up a place with the University, the University will look to give early notification of any changes and try to minimise their impact, offering suitable alternative arrangements or forms of compensation where it believes there is a fair case to do so. Offers of a place to study at the University will provide up to date information on courses. The latest key information on courses, entry requirements and fees can be found at . Please check this website before making any decisions. 

MPH Public Health-Health Management Planning & Policy-12 months 
MPH Public Health-Health Management Planning & Policy-18 months 

Enabling you to address the main challenges in management, planning and policy facing the providers of health services in low-middle income countries. You can read feedback from students who have taken this course in the past here and for more course details:

International Health (MSc)

Learn about what is needed to improve health in an increasingly complex, diverse and globalised world. You can read feedback from students who have taken this course in the past here and for more course details, please click here.

MPH Public Health (International) -12 months
MPH Public Health (International) -18 months

Gain the public health knowledge and skills needed to help improve health programmes and services in low-middle income countries. You can read feedback from Jennifer Nayak or Mary Stephens who have recently taken this course here, or for more course details:

International Health (Intercalated BSc)

A one-year course for UK medical students committed to improving global health. Read more

Customised short courses

High-quality and context-specific teaching matched to your organisation's needs. Read more

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