International Health and Development

The Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development aims to increase the ability of low and middle-income countries to improve the health of their populations, particularly the health of the poorest. We seek to understand how health systems operate and what factors influence their effectiveness. We develop and test interventions that have been shown to be cost-effective, appropriate and sustainable in the contexts in which they operate.

Our research prioritises improved health care for the poor in low and middle income countries through two central objectives:

  • Increasing understanding of how health systems can be better configured to provide improved health services
  • Developing and testing interventions which address weaknesses in health services that have been identified as priorities by policy makers

Historically, research work on health systems and services has been separate, but our work in these areas is now converging. Central to all our work is an emphasis on improving research uptake through an integrated approach which includes decision makers in problem identification and research design.

Projects in this theme include: