Health Services Research

The healthcare environment is becoming ever more complex with increasing use of technology for managing personal health and a continuing move towards community-based interventions both in the UK and internationally. These challenges, amongst others, drive our need to understand the inter-relationships between health, healthcare, healthcare systems and service delivery. We are interested in both researching into, and researching with, new technologies which have the power to transform healthcare and how we conduct research, including and beyond clinical trials.

Projects in this theme include-

Health Economics

In health economics we utilise cost effectiveness analysis to inform healthcare resource allocation decisions through, for example, economic evaluation alongside clinical trials; decision analytical modelling and value of information analysis; our research informs priority setting in health care, health care policy, and early stage efficiency in research and development. The measurement and valuation of health, health care and wellbeing is an established research area and includes the development of new and existing outcome measures. Our research in applied health econometrics utilising large datasets provides insight into health inequalities and equity in health and healthcare in the UK and internationally.

Projects in this theme include -

Health Informatics

Health informatics concerns the capture, processing, communication and use of information to support health related decisions and behaviour change by professionals, patients and the public. We focus on improving the flow of patient data and health-related knowledge to improve the safety and productivity of self care, health care and clinical research using technologies such as remote monitoring, telehealth, decision support, Apps, and large scale records or ePrescribing systems. We use a range of study methods from qualitative studies to surveys, retrospective data analysis and prospective studies including RCTs and systematics reviews. Since health informatics is inherently multidisciplinary, we work with clinicians, public health experts, psychologists, computer scientists, ethnographers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, economists, lawyers, ethicists, management scientists, the NHS and industry.