Applied Health Co-operative (AHC)

Applied Health Co-operative


What is the Applied Health Co-operative and what are its aims? (AHC)

The AHC is a £1m research initiative funded through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The primary aim is to increase funding for non-trial applied health research projects, supporting individual project and programme grant applications and research specifically for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust applicants, and helping LTHT to build capacity in health services research.

It was formed in response to a recognition by National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Programme Directors of the need for high quality methodological input into research proposals.  Leeds Institute of Health Sciences has the experience and infrastructure to support the provision of such input, and so supports this partnership funding for key staff appointments within LIHS.

Download our flyer here.

What type of work does the AHC undertake?

The research team will usually (but not always), work with LTHT staff on funded projects to help deliver the research, and can assist with:

  • The formulation of research questions.  Conducting scoping discussions with LTHT researchers in priority areas to help them identify and develop health service research questions based upon existing research and clinical activities.
  • Sourcing or suggesting possible suitable funding streams (mainly NIHR and other major funders of applied health research, from small project, pilot and pump priming awards, personal awards and fellowships through to large programme grants).
  • Exploiting existing data, assisting with the conduct of literature and systematic reviews to help plan research strategies and improve the LTHT’s data collection and data integration for clinical audit and clinical appraisal and develop case-mix modelling.
  • Supporting inexperienced applicants and providing guidance on running research projects.
  • Writing of non-clinical methodological aspects of a research proposal.
  • Advice relating to research design and methodologies.
  • Suggestions re research team membership and possible collaborations.
  • Costing of projects and provision of administrative support and advice re completion of application forms and other related documents.
  • Some related post-award support.

What impact will the AHC have?

Increasing benefit to patients in an applied healthcare setting as outlined by the Department of Health and current government recommendations.

Who are the AHC team?

The AHC research team is research active and has links to other potential collaborators and experts from the units that comprise LIHS.  The team also has an excellent track record of collaborations with other institutes and faculties within the University of Leeds (including the Clinical Trials Research Unit), and with other higher education institutions, NHS Trusts and external organisations.

The AHC currently comprises: a senior research fellow in applied health research, a qualitative methodologist and researcher, a data manager and a research co-ordinator.

The Group Leader is Jenny Hewison and the Deputy Leader is Carolyn Czoski Murray.

How can I contact the AHC?

If you are interested in working with the AHC or would like further information, please contact Jennifer Ball (Research Co-ordinator, maternity cover) in the first instance on e-mail: , tel: + 44 (0) 113 343 2727.