About Us


Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS) is one of the seven Institutes comprising the School of Medicine. We are a multi-disciplinary institute delivering applied health research, and a broad range of high quality postgraduate teaching programmes aimed at improving health and healthcare nationally and internationally. We have a well-established and rapidly growing reputation for the successful delivery of major research projects that have a significant impact on health policy and practice in the UK and abroad, and on the health of individuals and populations. Our academic staff form a multidisciplinary skill base that allows us to bring an exceptional range of content and methodological expertise to research questions which cut across disease or topic area and geographical location.


We have well established partnerships with a wide range of national and international organisations. Within the UK in secondary care, our strategic partners include district care trusts, particularly Bradford District Care Trust, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, where our close working relationship has led to the establishment of an Applied Health Cooperative, enabling the Trust to submit high quality research proposals.

We work closely with primary care organisations, including community health trusts and networks of general practices involved in teaching and research. We are partners in the West Yorkshire Research and Innovation Unit, which brings together and supports research across our ten local clinical commissioning groups. We also work with a wide range of charities including St Gemma’s Hospice. Internationally we have strong links with non-governmental organisations and health ministries, especially those in low and middle income countries.

We are proud of our supportive and respectful organisational culture in which staff of all grades and in all roles are valued for their contribution. We have a proactive Equality and Diversity Committee and lively support networks for early-career academics.