The introductory workshop provides a package of lectures, talks and guidance sessions that aim to get you up and running on the course, so that you feel confident enough to embark upon the course from home. These guidance sessions include:

  • A full introduction to the course website and online resources
  • Guidance for undertaking and returning assessments
  • An introduction to the resources at the University of Leeds library
  • Orientation session for students undertaking an E-learning course 
  • Lectures relevant to the first two course modules.

The second and third workshops are a mixture of assessment by formal written examination (Modules 1 and 2 and Modules 3-5 respectively) and further relevant lectures, practical sessions, and discussion groups. Further training in scientific methods and experimental design and write up skills for Module 6 are provided.

One of the most rewarding aspects of these workshops is meeting your fellow students. This is especially helpful where people are working in geographical isolation, for troubleshooting and support. Many friendships have been forged between students over the various cohorts.

We organise social events during the evenings of the workshops (attendance is optional). These have included meals at a number of restaurants in the city and at the end of the workshop, everyone is invited to the Workshop Dinner at University House (free).

In addition, relevant talks from invited speakers are interspersed across the workshops which aim to provide additional information on topics related to the course content.

Current regular topics from invited speakers include:

  • New technologies for human embryo culture
  • Understanding human embryo quality
  • Human embryonic stem cells derivation and application
  • Embryo assessment by non-invasive methods
  • Epigenetic effects of embryo culture
  • Cryopreservation