Teaching and Assessment

Teaching on this course effectively embodies a truly ‘blended learning’ approach. Tuition is delivered by:

  • Traditional ‘Core’ Lectures at workshops.
  • Head to head meetings with student academic supervisors. Supervisors for research project are also allocated to students.
  • Self- Directed Learning using the web-based and printed resources and University Library.
  • Tuition and support from a distance via e-mail and discussion rooms.
  • Practical Sessions delivered at workshops
  • Lectures by guest speakers at workshops.
  • Other formats such as Round Table Discussions, videos.

For Modules 1-5, Assessment is divided largely between assessed course work (submitted progressively throughout the course) and formal examination at workshops.

The assessment formats applied include

  • Multiple Choice Questions,
  • Short Answer Questions (500 words)
  • Case Studies (500 words)
  • Essays (1500 words)

For Module 2 a presentation is given as part of the Lab Design component.

For Module 6, a short presentation and the submitted thesis are also assessed.