Clinical trials involving surgical interventions are a critical yet under represented area of research. At LICTR we have a strong track record in the design, conduct and analysis of surgical trials in a variety of disease settings and are experienced in addressing both the methodological and logistical challenges that surgical trials bring. Our first surgical trial, MRC CLASICC trial, began recruitment in 1996 and we have subsequently studied surgery in colorectal, breast, urological and liver cancer. We are building Portfolios in colorectal, vascular, hepatopancreaticobiliary disease and cross-cutting wounds research. 

We work with surgeons locally, nationally and internationally to deliver our surgical portfolio.  This includes working with surgeons to undertake associated methodological research including qualitative and quantitative investigations of the impact of surgery on patient quality of life, health economic evaluations and international meta analyses. We have published on statistical issues in the design, conduct and evaluation of complex interventions such as surgery and collaborated with our surgical colleagues and the NCIN to undertake the first evaluation of the role of routinely collected datasets in the conduct of a surgical clinical trial (CLASICC). More recently through a NIHR Program Development Grant we have been working with surgical colleagues to develop a novel system for the standardised internet-based reporting by patients of surgical morbidity during post-operative recovery and follow-up.

Surgical trials conducted through the CTRU have influenced national guidance e.g. the CLASICC Trial along with similar other trials, has been instrumental in promoting the uptake of laparoscopic surgery and majorly influenced the UK NICE guidance regarding colorectal cancer surgery.

More information about our surgical studies can be found here.