Diet, Obesity and Lifestyle

The Diet and Obesity portfolio conducts and supports research of trials and associated methodological research. The Portfolio is led by Dr Maria Bryant, Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds Academic Research Fellow and NIHR Career Development Fellow.

Complex Intervention Trials

Acronym  Title  Status
HAPPY HAPPY is a phase II randomised, targeted, theory based, culturally appropriate intervention aimed at reducing the risk of obesity in children of overweight and obese mothers. This intervention was developed from a NIHR Programme Grant led by Professor John Wright within the Born in Bradford cohort Dissemination
PEARS PEARS is the phase III trials that has been designed to evaluate HAPPY. This is a multi-site trial, recruiting overweight and obese pregnant women from maternity services. Primary outcome is infant growth at age 24 months (CI: Bryant) Funding application
WATCH IT Feasibility trial Early evaluation of an NHS community based intervention for overweight children and adolescents. Funded by the Wellcome Trust (CI: Rudolf) Closed
HENRY NIHR CDF funding entitled “Implementation optimisation and pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of HENRY, a community based programme aimed at preventing obesity in preschool children”. This research involves mixed methods, including ethnography, intervention development and two randomised controlled trials (CI: Bryant) Data collection

Applied Health Research

Acronym  Title  Status
Better Start Bradford A community partnership led by Bradford Trident (funded through the National Lottery), aiming to help parents give their children the best start in life with clear objectives to improve the life chances of babies and children; to improve social and emotional development, nutrition, language and communication development; and to enact a system change Set-up
Born In Bradford 1000 Development and evaluation of interventions for the prevention of childhood obesity in a multi-ethnic population: the Born in Bradford NHS Research Programme. Funded by a NIHR PGfAR (CI: Wright) Closed
Childhood obesity Outcomes Review (CoOR) Research funded through the NIHR HTA as part of a previous Obesity Themed call (CI: Bryant). Work included a systematic review to identify and appraise outcome measures used to evaluate childhood obesity treatment interventions: evidence of purpose, application, validity, reliability and sensitivity. This framework has now been developed and has informed NICE guidance (PH47) Closed
HomeSTEAD A collaboration between researchers in the US (CI: Ward D) and the CTRU (funded by the NIH in the US) to develop and evaluate a survey (HomeSTEAD) which assesses domains within family homes which are hypothesised to relate to childhood obesity Closed
WATCH IT Qualitative Study Research funded through DH Leeds (CIs: Rudolf and Bryant) involving the qualitative evaluation of the views of parents, children and health trainers involved in WATCH IT to identify issues in order to inform the development or refinement of programmes targeting obesity in children. Closed
Public engagement: The Child Cosmos Sculpture Project Funds aimed to raise community awareness of a complex programme of work through artistic interpretation (CI: Bryant) funded via a Wellcome Trust Small grant scheme.  This project is commissioning the production of a permanent sculpture, which will reside in the community in Bradford. Joint funds (from Bradford Trident) will then be used to unveil the sculpture at a public engagement event. The sculpture itself will attempt to provide a 3-D representation of the design and intended outcomes of a new exciting project 'Better Start Bradford' Set-up
Pantry methodology study Development of a tool to measure food availability in the home. The grant was written to move forward the methodology needed to conduct observational studies of the home food environment (CI: Stevens). Closed

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