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Our overarching strategic aims (2017–22) within the Cancer Division of Leeds CTRU are:

  1. To be the Northern Centre of Excellence for the Conduct of Cancer Clinical Trials
  2. To secure additional cancer-specific core funding, to allow us to expand our cutting edge portfolio of early and late phase clinical trials
  3. To build on, strengthen and expand our current strategic relationships within Leeds, and more widely, to ensure access to expertise and infrastructure to deliver the most appropriate, and timely, correlative analyses (e.g. laboratory, imaging)
  4. To deliver a successful innovative and efficient trial portfolio and to be at the forefront of development and implementation of novel and efficient trial design and conduct
  5. To maximise our links to the Leeds MRC Bioinformatics Centre to exploit the opportunities for efficient trial conduct through linkage to routine data sources or large datasets.
  6. To increase our education, training and mentorship opportunities for both CTU staff and clinical researchers (local and national)
  7. To ensure appropriate public and patient engagement throughout the development and delivery of our cancer research portfolio

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