Leeds CTRU, based at the University of Leeds, is a leading UK academic clinical trials unit (CTU). It consists of three Divisions which span a broad range of diseases and treatments. Leeds CTRU specialises in the design, conduct and analysis of both early and late phase high quality academic clinical trials, influencing national and international clinical practice.

What we do?

We provide expert, academic leadership in the development, design, conduct, delivery and analysis of non-commercial early and late phase clinical trials, including:
  • Methodological support in identification of research questions, study design and analysis/reporting
  • Infrastructure for grant development, trial delivery and conduct.

      We work with a wide range of collaborators (national and international) and funders (academic, both government and charities, and commercial) and our grant funding success rate is high.

      We promote and value the important contribution of involving patients and the public in the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.

      Our expertise includes:

      We work with our funding partners in building capacity and capability in the next generation of clinical academic and academic researchers.

      We play an active and leading role in development of national and international policy and practice relating to non-commercial clinical trials.

      Expressions of Interest

      We work closely with Senior Management and Clinical Advisors in each Division to prioritise the projects we take forward. Collaborative clinical trials are considered according to the following criteria:

      • Fits with CTRU Divisional Research Strategy
      • Scientific innovation potential
      • Clinical relevance
      • Research experience of the partners
      • Realistic recruitment strategy
      • Available expertise
      • Available and obtainable resources/capacity
      • Potential for development of an ongoing pipeline of research

      We are particularly interested in clinical trials which:

      • Address research questions which are important to the NHS
      • Address important clinical problems or scientific questions
      • Contribute to building capacity in the next generation of clinical academic researchers

      If you have a clinical trial question which fits with our research strategy please contact us:
      Cancer: Please complete and return a trial prioritisation and enquiry form
      CHRD: Vicky Napp, Operations Director
      CID: Amanda Farrin, Divisional Director
      Surgical research: Helen Howard, Head of Trial Management