The University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provide one of the largest contributions to cancer research among the cities and regions of the United Kingdom, holding over £100 million of active research grants.

Our extensive research activities cover the major challenges to improving cancer outcomes and cancer control. Our work is conducted within the biomedical and health research centres and units in Leeds, the world-class Leeds Cancer Centre at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) and as key aspects of work within the Faculties of Medicine and Health, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Maths and Physical Sciences with links across the whole University and NHS in Leeds.

Key features of cancer research in Leeds include:

  • A national and international contribution of high quality
  • Breadth of scope and funding, with around one third of funding within our cancer-specific Institute and two thirds spread across activities in biomedical and health research in the University and NHS
  • Sructured partnerships between organisations and scientific and clinical disciplines
  • Excellent cancer specific research focus within the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
  • Patient-centred and outcomes-orientated approach to cancer research and care through clinical practice at LTHT
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