Design Brief

Faculty Vision

To facilitate ground breaking improvements to health and reduce health inequalities locally, nationally and internationally.

Project Vision

To transform the Worsley Building into a vibrant and inspirational environment for staff, students and visitors that promotes the delivery of outstanding research and enhances the national and international profile of the Leeds’ Medical and Dental Schools.


The Worsley Building is one of a number of buildings within the Faculty of Medicine and Health.  It houses the Leeds Institute of Medical Education and Leeds Dental School and is therefore a focal point for all medical and dental students across Leeds.  Approximately 30% of the Worsley building is currently unoccupied.  This provides a unique opportunity to co-locate partner institutes from across the faculty and consider the impact of consolidation on existing space utilisation.



To create a well designed, flagship building for the Faculty that reflects the importance placed on its students and staff

To create a working and learning environment that provides inspiration for students and staff, contributing to their well being and supporting them to achieve their full potential.

To create a sense of connectivity and shared values between staff and students across all disciplines throughout the building.

To ensure the building is accessible and welcoming to all users, with particular emphasis on the external visitor experience.


To ensure a ‘whole-building’ approach to building design.

To maximise light and sense of open space.

To provide informal breakout spaces across the building for staff and students to encourage informal interactions and collaboration.

To ensure the building design supports flow of students, staff and visitors in the most effective and professional way.


To maximise space utilisation, promoting the development of shared facilities

To ensure refurbished space is flexible in design to allow for changes in use and minimise future refurbishment costs.