A little bit about Sara Hayes

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Pic of Sarah Hayes“I joined the university initially on a short term full time contract. After a year of working full time, the role I was in drastically changed, and the Business Unit merged with another. My manager at this time recognised my skill set and I was offered an alternative role, in a different Institute. I negotiated part time hours to spend more time with family and pursue alternative interests. During this time, I was able to spend more time with my father, following my mother’s sudden death. My part time working has continued, and I have now been made permanent on part time hours. I have made an informal request to have unpaid leave during the summer months in order to spend time abroad, this has been favourably received.

Working for any other organisation would not have allowed me the opportunity of extending my time away from work, or reducing my hours without the level of role or responsibility. I feel I have the ideal work life balance and to this end am extremely grateful for the School of Medicines policies.”

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