Working with Schools and Colleges

Academic demonstrating to potential students

The Faculty provides a targeted outreach programme designed to diversify its student body by helping the Faculty recruit students from groups under-represented in higher education.  The outreach programme includes events for non-traditional students and their influencers. The events for students aim to raise aspirations and develop attributes relevant for health-related careers such as communication and team working skills. They also have other aims.  For example:

  • Events for primary school children raise their awareness of higher education and of healthy living
  • Events for GCSE students seek to promote interest in health-related careers and influence the choices they make for their ‘A’ levels
  • Events for year 12 and mature potential applicants include the popular ‘Becoming a.......’ sessions.

These events develop students’ insight into the relevant professional career as well as their preparedness for applying for the university course of their choice.  Some Faculty outreach events are reserved for student participants in schemes from our Student Talent Spotting Team and Realising Opportunities.

Up-to-date information about health-related careers can be found at the information service for NHS careers in England.  Health career information for young people is available at Bright Journals and Step into the NHS.