As a research student, your primary focus will be your PhD so we offer a number of professional development opportunities to help you progress through your research project successfully. Courses like Preparing for Transfer, Preparing for Viva, Writing your Thesis, Research Ethics, writing and publishing courses. In addition we offer courses and workshops that enable you to develop skills in other areas. We cover areas like public engagement with your research, how to be effective at conferences, CVs and applying for jobs, working as a Postdoc, working effectively in teams, to name but a few.  Over the coming year, we will be offering workshops which cover Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities, Personal Effectiveness, Research Governance and Organisation, and Engagement, Influence and Impact. Our workshops are specifically designed for you and are also open to PhD students from the Faculty of Biological Sciences which allows you to meet people from associated disciplines.

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We encourage you to participate in courses that will enhance your professional development and enrich your CV.