4-Year PhD Programme in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

This training programme is led by one of the largest and most successful cardiovascular research and clinical trials centres in the UK. The aim of the programme is to develop individuals to become outstanding investigators in the campaign against the global challenge of cardiovascular disease in the context of type-2 diabetes. At least three fully-funded 4-year basic science (non-clinical) PhD studentships are available for entry in October 2016. Students will benefit from a thriving environment with cutting-edge facilities adjacent to a major city-centre teaching hospital. Each student will experience a 3-month visit to a collaborating research laboratory overseas.  

The studentship will cover the cost of tuition fees (UK/EU rate) and a maintenance stipend (approximately £17,000 for session 2016/17). 

The projects available this year are shown below:

Dr Piruthivi Sukumar, Professor Mark Kearney, Dr Richard Cubbon - Understanding vascular oxidative stress to identify novel targets for diabetes related cardiovascular diseases

Dr Lee Roberts, Professor Mark Kearney, Dr Richard Cubbon - Does abnormal insulin-like growth factor-1 signalling contribute to brown fat loss in obesity?

Dr Kerrie Smith, Professor David Beech, Professor Mark Kearney - The effects of Fibrinogen Phosphorylation on Endothelial Cell Signalling and its implications in Atherosclerosis

Dr Marc Bailey, Professor Julian Scott, Dr Karen Porter, Professor David Beech - Targeting pathological vascular smooth muscle cell remodelling to develop new therapeutics for abdominal aortic aneurysm

Professor Ramzi Ajjan - Cardiovascular risk assessment and identification of novel therapeutic targets in diabetes: The role of the fibrin network

Professor Robert Ariens, Dr M Domingues - Role of Extended Knob-Hole Interaction Sites in Fibrin Polymerisation and Clot Stability

Dr Kirti Kain, Dr Wheatcroft, Dr H Viswambharan - Circulating apoptotic microparticles and insulin resistance in South Asians

Dr Georgia Mavria, Professor Stuart Egginton, Dr Stephen Wheatcroft - Tumour angiogenesis group. Investigating in vitro and in vivo roles of Rho GTPase Signalling in Developmental and Pathological Angiogenesis

Dr Lynn McKeown, Professor David Beech, Dr Robin Bon - The role of Ca2+ signalling in the regulation of Weibel Palade Body trafficking and von Willebrand secretion

Dr Sikha Saha, Dr Neil Turner, Dr Marc Bailey - Changes in astrocyte function and glutamate transporter expression in murine in vitro and in vivo models of stroke and their modulation by insulin 

Dr Eleanor Scott, Dr George Ellison, Dr Graham R Law - Establishing the feasibility, utility and efficacy of a sleep intervention to improve glucose control in people with diabetes

Dr Katie Simmons, Professor Mark Kearney, Professor David Beech - Elucidating the mechanism of insulin receptor: insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IR: IGF1R) hybrid dimer formation using molecular probes, mutagenesis and electron- microscopy

Dr Stephen Wheatcroft, Dr Alex Bruns, Natalie Haywood - Investigating IGFBP2-mediated protection against insulin-resistance and glucose intolerance


To be considered for one of these scholarships to undertake a PhD, you must meet the eligibility criteria and submit an application by the deadline.  The following criteria must be met:

  • Students will have, or expect to obtain, at least an upper second class undergraduate degree in a relevant subject area.
  • These awards are only available to nationals from the UK and EU and are not open to applicants who are liable to pay academic fees at the international fee rate.
  • Applicants applying should not already have been awarded a doctoral degree. 
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must meet the Faculty’s English Language requirements

How to apply:

Applicants should email the following supporting documentation to fmhgrad@leeds.ac.uk:

  • Completed Faculty Scholarship Application Form
  • Degree Transcripts (or marks so far if still studying)/Certificates
  • Full CV including reference details
  • In rank order, list 3 project proposals you would be interested in (identify each project with the title and supervisor name).
  • 2 references from academic referees (Please ask your referees to send these references on your behalf, directly to fmhgrad@leeds.ac.uk, by 4 January 2016.  We may not be able to process your application if we do not receive these references).
  • If you have already applied for another scholarship within the Faculty of Medicine and Health using this application process, you will not need to apply again, please email: fmhgrad@leeds.ac.uk and confirm that you would like to be considered for this scholarship and provide details of up to 3 of the projects you are interested in.  The Graduate School will then add this scholarship to your application.

Closing date for applications is 4 January 2016.

For further information about our cardiovascular research go to http://www.cardiovascular.leeds.ac.uk/