Ethical Review Process

It is a requirement that all research involving any of the following must be reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee, this applies to both externally and internally funded projects:

  • Human participants, their data or their tissue
  • Significant environmental impact

For further information about the University's ethical review requirements, including the Research Ethics Policy, refer to

Please note that it is important that research conducted outside the UK complies with any requirements for ethics review or obtains necessary approvals in the country where the research is to be performed. Ethics review should also be conducted within the University of Leeds. The University review Committee will need to be satisfied that procedures in the other country have been followed, and also that the usual ethics standards expected within the UK are met.

To find out more information about ethical review, including relevant policies and procedures, please visit the Ethical Review Section on the Research and Innovation Service website.  For information about the Faculty's Research Ethics Committee and the various School Research Ethics Committees refer to

Please note that the University will now capture and monitor ethical review information at the following points:

  • Training Plan (to be completed within one month of commencement of research degree)
  • Transfer Stage - Ethical review information is requested on the Academic Integrity Form. This form will be reviewed as part of the transfer assessment process. The independent assessor is asked to confirm that they are satisfied with the arrangements made for ethical review.
  • Examination Entry Form (to be submitted at least 3 months prior to submission)