All students are required to register for their first year of research degree study and annually thereafter until they submit their thesis.

Registration now takes place online and the Faculty Graduate School will contact you directly regarding this process.  It is a University requirement that you meet with your postgraduate research tutor each year at your re-registration date to have a brief chat about the progress of your research degree. Following this meeting, your postgraduate research tutor will confirm to the Faculty Graduate School that your registration can be activated.

Students must complete their registration within 4 weeks of their re-registration date.  Failure to do this may result in loss of access to University facilities.

Any student who has debts outstanding from a previous session will not be allowed to register for the next session until their debt is cleared.

Process for completing registration

Registration takes place as follows:

  • Stage one - You will receive an email from the Faculty Graduate School informing you that you are due to re-register and to arrange a meeting with your postgraduate research tutor to discuss the progress of your research degree.
  • Stage two - After the meeting with your postgraduate research tutor, the Faculty Graduate School will inform you by email that you are able to complete your registration online, and provide you with a link to the Portal.
  • Stage three - Log on to the Portal, pay your registration fees (if applicable) and complete your online registration.

If you have any difficulties registering online you will need to contact the Postgraduate Research and Operations Office on 0113 343 4002.

If you need to visit Postgraduate Research and Operations or the Cash Services Desk they are located in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building, Level 9. Opening times for PRO are 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays when they are open from 10 am - 5 pm).

Before you attempt to complete your registration online, please ensure that you have already provided the relevent evidence to PRO or Accounts Receivable:

  • Written evidence that your fees will be paid by your sponsor or awarding body (unless you are self-funding in which case you can pay online).
  • New students only - certificates (or certified copies) so that your academic/professional qualifications may be checked.