Transfer Process

You are required to submit a transfer report for a formal review process at the end of your provisional period of study.  This requirement is in accordance with section 6.2 of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Protocol for the implementation of the University Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures.

It is expected that you will work closely with your supervisor(s) in order to produce the report.  The transfer report will be reviewed by a panel consisting of a minimum of one independent assessor, at least one of your supervisors and in some cases, your postgraduate research tutor at a transfer viva examination.  You will be required to give a 10 minute presentation of your research at the transfer viva examination.

It is your supervisor’s responsibility to arrange the date and venue of the transfer viva examination but you may arrange this if requested to do so by your supervisor.

The Faculty Graduate School will write to you at the appropriate time providing you with your deadline for your transfer report and you will be expected to submit your transfer report on GRAD. You will also be provided with a copy of the guidelines for the transfer report, but these can be downloaded from the links below:

Faculty of Medicine and Health guidelines for the transfer report and structure of transfer viva examination.

Academic Integrity Form


The timescales for the transfer process are shown below:


FGS write to student

Report to be submitted to the FGS


Process to be completed and FGS to inform RDSO of decision

PhD - FT

7 months

10 months

12 months

PhD - PT

18 months

22 months

24 months

PhD - SS 18 months 22 months 24 months
MD - FT 7 months 10 months 12 months
MD - PT 10 months 16 months 18 months
4 Year PhD in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes - FT 13 months 16 months 18 months
4-Year PhD in Anatomy 13 months 16 months 18 months
Prof Doc (SofD) - FT 13 months 16 months 18 months
Prof Doc (SofD) - PT 24 months 28 months 30 months
Integrated PhD 18 months 22 months 24 months


The possible outcomes of the transfer viva examination are:

  • In the case of Provisional students for doctoral degree or Postgraduate Research candidatures – transfer to doctoral registration (in some cases the independent assessor may request minor changes to the transfer report).

  • In the case of Provisional students for the degree of PhD or Postgraduate Research candidates – transfer to MPhil registration (this option is not normally available to split-site students)

  • On the first occasion only that the work is assessed – deferment of a decision about the transfer for a limited period to permit the work to be revised and then reassessed

  • A decision that the student withdraw from a research degree candidature

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact Claire Guttridge in the Faculty Graduate School.