Useful documents for download

Training Plan (doc)
All students must complete the training plan in conjunction with their supervisors within one month of commencement of research degree and upload it to the University’s system for maintaining a record of the research degree candidature. The Faculty Graduate School will write to your lead supervisor and ask them to arrange completion of this plan.

Monthly supervision meeting record (doc)
Full time students must submit at least 10 supervision meeting records per year and part time student at least 6 per year.  These should be submitted via the University’s system for maintaining a record of the research degree candidature.

Student Suspension/Extension Request Form (doc)
This form must be used to request a suspension of study or an extension to a thesis deadline.

Annual Progress Review (Post Transfer)
This form must be completed as part of the Annual Progress Review process. 

Change of Study Location Form
This form should be completed when Tier 4 students leave the UK and continue with their study overseas. 

Form 23 - Bank Details Form
This form must be used to inform the University of your bank details to receive your maintenance payments where appropriate

Confirmation Letters
If you wish to request a General Student Visa letter or a letter confirming that you are a student please use this address to email Research Student Administration to request the letter required.

Enrolling on Individual Taught Modules
This form should be completed if you are wishing to undertake a taught module. This form needs to be authorised by both your Postgraduate Research Tutor and the teaching School offering the module.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Protocol for the implementation of the University Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures (academic session 2017/18)
This protocol sets out the arrangements for all research students within the Graduate School of the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Faculty Training Policy (academic session 2016/17)
This document brings together and summarise some of the important information you need to know about our Faculty, how its postgraduate research procedures operate, together with details of the training and development opportunities.  Please see below for Institute appendicies:

University of Leeds Research Student Handbook 2015/16 (pdf)
This Handbook provides information on the administrative and academic arrangements for research degree programmes, and directs you to the University’s Policies, Regulations and Codes of Practice that are relevant to research students