What happens next?

Once an application to study for a Postgraduate Research Degree is submitted to the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the following process is followed:

On receipt of applications, the Faculty Graduate School will take up references from the referees identified on the application form. Acceptable reference statements from at least two academic referees are required before an application can be processed further. Candidates are strongly advised to check with their referees that they will be able to provide such statements before submitting their application.

If any further supporting documents or information is required from the applicant the Faculty Graduate School will request these, normally by email. Candidates will be given 6 weeks to respond to the request. If the Faculty Graduate School has received no response after 4 weeks, they will contact the candidate again to remind them of the deadline for response. If no response is received after 6 weeks the application will be rejected and the applicants file will be closed.

Offers of places may be made subject to evidence of available funding to support both the applicant and the research project during the prospective degree candidature. This may include an annual contribution towards the costs of the research project to be provided by the candidate's sponsors. Applications may be rejected if no funding is confirmed, or if the research proposal is judged by the Faculty Graduate School to be inappropriate for research degree study.

Following the receipt of application forms and all required documentation, candidates may be requested to attend an interview with a panel of prospective supervisors and/or Postgraduate Research Tutors before offers of a place are made. In some cases interviews may be conducted by telephone, webcam or video conferencing.

The Faculty Graduate School will endeavour to process all applications as quickly as possible. Our target is to make a decision on an offer within 8 weeks of receipt of the application. This may not always be possible, for example, if no supervisors are identified with the application, an applicant's referees do not respond to requests or if potential supervisors are unavailable, particularly during the summer months. In such cases of delay the Graduate School will endeavour to keep applicants informed.

The Faculty Graduate School will acknowledge receipt of all applications by email and issue decisions of rejection or provisional acceptance via email. Formal offer letters accepting a candidate for research degree study can only be made by the University's Postgraduate Research and Operations Office. Applicants who have not been informed of a decision within the 8 week time limit may contact the Faculty Graduate School Office for an update on progress.