Effects of Food and Food components on cognitive function, health and wellbeing

Louise Dye and Clare Lawton, senior members of the Human Appetite Research Unit, have established a strategic partnerships with Kellogg's UK.

Breakfast: benefits for cognition and health
Kellogg's UK work closely with us on projects relating to benefits of breakfast for cognitive function in adults and children. This partnership also formed the basis for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Kellogg's UK which was co-funded by Technology Strategy Board, ESRC and BBSRC. The focus of the KTP was on the effects of breakfast on cognitive performance in children, and employed Dr Alexa Hoyland, whose ESRC funded PhD examined the effects of breakfast on cognitive function and appetite control in adults and children. Together, Hoyland, Dye and Lawton have produced a well cited systematic review of the research on breakfast and mental performance in children (see Hoyland, Lawton & Dye, 2009). Dr Hoyland is now UK & ROI Senior Nutrition Manager at Kellogg's and holds an Honorary Research Fellowship with IPS.