Enhancing work based conversations

A mindfulness based approach

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A one-day course (with embedded practice and follow up options)

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Follow-up one-to-one support Tuesday 9 July 2013


Negativity Many practitioners, including health professionals, social workers, therapists, consultants and educationalists, are primarily employed to have conversations to deliver support and to promote change. However, many factors impede the effectiveness of those conversations, including conflicting agendas, pre-occupations, felt criticism, restricted thinking and time pressures.

Yet, conversations can be a powerful tool for change. They can help transform feelings, perspectives, thought processes and action. Through conversations we can contribute to the breaking of negative cycles and facilitate the emergence of more optimistic dynamics. The quality of our conversations is therefore crucial in the work that we do and the change we try to effect. Mindfulness is one approach to enhancing the quality of our conversations.

Mindfulness is a fast growing field within the discipline of psychology. Mindful conversations is a new approach which offers a radically different way of relating to our experience that can have a significant impact on our communication.

This workshop is a unique evidence-based course designed to improve the quality of our professional conversations through the use of mindfulness.

Rather than seeing mindfulness as a bolt-on skill in your professional toolkit, this course introduces you to mindfulness as a new way of being, seeing and experiencing your conversations, which offers benefits to both speaker and listener. Through the development of mindfulness within your work, your professional conversations can be better for you and those with whom you speak, and can become a more effective tool for change.

The one-day course is approved by the University of Leeds and Certificates of Attendance will be given to delegates.

overlapping circles "It's now over a year since I did the course and I am still using it, it has become an essential part of the way that I think about all aspects of my work now."
[delegate feedback]

overlapping circles "Loved it! So interesting and stimulating. I feel more alive, enthusiastic about resuming mindfulness practice and sharing aspects with my clients."
[delegate feedback]

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