Take part in psychology research studies

We regularly run studies for which we need participants. In the majority of instances our participants are paid in cash to reimburse them for their time.

If you would like the option of taking part in any of these studies, please sign-up to our mailing list so that you can hear about them as soon as they are advertised. You will be notified by email as soon as a new study becomes available.

To sign up, please follow this link, enter your name and email address, keep the list as ‘PSYCLEEDS-VOL’ and the subscription type as ‘Regular’, and click on ‘Subscribe (PSYCLEEDS-VOL)’

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions to complete your sign up.

There's no obligation to sign up for any study but if you do and then find you can't make your agreed appointment, please let us know.

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