About us


We are a world leading research and teaching institution (we see research and teaching as two sides of the same coin). We have wonderful students who are inspired by psychology and wish to make a meaningful contribution to society, both during their studies and in their careers beyond Leeds. Our stand-alone building houses bespoke teaching spaces, state-of-the-art research facilities and communal areas that allow us to deliver an exceptional student experience. We have carried out extensive refurbishment to ensure these facilities meet the future needs of our research based teaching.

Our staff are world research leaders ensuring we provide outstanding research led learning, and enabling students to work with experts to tackle essential research questions in psychology. Our Institute has five grand research themes  key issues that we address through our specialist expertise and equipment. For example, we investigate 'successful ageing' which tackles issues of ageism within society; fall prevention; and memory enhancement and nutrition in older adults. Likewise, we tackle fundamental topics in childhood development; behaviour change; health and well being and disorders of the nervous system.

Our Institute enjoys all the benefits of being in a Russell Group University with high levels of research funding supporting our activities. We have a strategic partnership with the Bradford Institute of Health Research (a flagship NHS research centre) providing access to unique populations. The staff-student partnership is constantly looking to innovate, and was responsible for the creation of our new industrial variant degree. 

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people across the world. We work in partnership with brilliant students to produce outstanding graduates – graduates who make substantial contributions within society. Our staff work together to tackle Grand challenges, ensuring that our world class research has impact within education, health, society and industry.

We produce excellence in teaching and research through:

  • Inspiring the next generation of psychologists
  • Publishing work of international excellence
  • Transferring research knowledge to society
  • Providing academic leadership

We are part of the NeuR@L psychology and neuroscience initiative in Leeds and enjoy a strategic partnership with the Bradford Institute of Health Research.