Moog Simodont Dental Trainers

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Leeds School of Dentistry is at the forefront of digital dentistry in the UK. We aim to use our experience and cutting edge technology to enhance the undergraduate learning experience and nurture more competent and confident dentists.

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With thirty Moog Simodont haptic dental trainers, Leeds is currently home to the largest haptic dental training facility in the UK, and the second largest in the world. The simulators offer students the opportunity to practice on virtual cases with realistic haptic feedback provided through the hand piece.

Our close collaboration with Moog enables us to provide solutions to real issues encountered in the teaching labs, and to create exercises which complement traditional teaching. The digital dentistry group has recently developed a 'pre-clinical skills' library of haptic exercises in an attempt to introduce the students to essential skills such as cavity design and caries removal, endodontic access cavity preparation and crown preparation.
These exercises can be used by first year students at a very early stage, in a safe environment, to develop core surgical skills.

Dental Simulator 2

Senior students will benefit from the advanced lessons being developed and piloted at Leeds such as ‘patient-specific surgical rehearsal’ – a world-first which enables students to load their patients onto the system and practice complex procedures such as crowns, in advance of the real clinical event.

In addition, the development of new teaching material is guided by our ongoing research into the science of skill acquisition and accelerated learning. This includes three collaborative PhD research strands, working with the Faculties of Psychology and Engineering.

The pre-clinical skills library will be made available to all Simodont users, and development of surgical rehearsal has now been taken on by the manufacturers. The Leeds digital dentistry team is continuing to develop solutions to enhance all aspects of dental education.

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