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Research facilities

We are currently expanding our research infrastructure to reflect our expanded research portfolio and to maximise our opportunities for translating our research from bench to clinic and back again.

We have dedicated microbiology, molecular biology, tissue culture, histology, materials science and biochemistry laboratories. We also have a dedicated bioengineering and biomaterials suite which accommodates our expanding activities in tissue engineering and stem cell biology. The School's imaging suite includes SEM, TEM and confocal scanning laser microscopy.

Facilities for Applied and Translational Dental Research are available to carry out in vivo plaque pH studies (including pH digital telemetry) and the use of in situ modelling for research in cariology and erosion. We host the Skeletal Tissues Research Bank, greatly facilitating our research in stem cell therapy and tissue engineering.

Our Research Clinics were replaced in 2010 by a Dental Translational and Clinical Research Unit (DenTCRU), permitting us to expand our capacity for high quality clinical research in a dedicated environment.