Dental Education Research and Scholarship

Research Lead - Professor Michael Manogue

Research in dental education is growing, strategically, with the realisation that there is much to learn and share from the many educational innovations being driven by the School of Dentistry.  Scholarship, and its promotion, is a key role of the group and with it, the encouragement of a scholarly, academic and reflective approach to dental education. There are currently three PhD students working in the area.

The Dental Education Research and Scholarship Group encompasses research into advances in:

  • Curriculum development
  • How best to assess and provide feedback for students at various stages of their undergraduate and postgraduate careers
  • Professionalism and what it means in the 21st century for dental professionals
  • Team working and its benefits
  • Admissions processes and the parameters that define a successful dentist

The Group is organised into three newly established themes:

Dental Education Research and Scholarship Group membership includes: