MChD/BChD Dental Surgery, BSc Oral Science - Luke Simpson

Luke Simpson

One of the reasons why I chose to study at Leeds was because I felt the school has such a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

There is an informal mentoring scheme in which student mentors act as dental parents. My dental mum and dad were always there to provide any advice I needed, their perspective was really useful as they had been in my situation just a year before me so can really empathize with you. I enjoyed being part of the Leeds dental family and I now have 5 dental kids myself.

The tutors are clearly very passionate about their works, coming from a family of teachers I really appreciate the high quality of teaching at Leeds. They take personal interest in our progress and as such are very approachable. We know that our opinions are taken seriously as the tutors will make adjustments to the course using student feedback.

I also found the student support team very helpful. As a dyslexic student, the study skills support provided by both by the dental school and the SEN (special educational needs) department was fantastic. They helped me find a study style which enabled me to process and absorb information taught in lectures and seminars. This support in my early years has helped me so much in the more challenging 4th and 5th years.

In addition to my studies, there are also lots of opportunities to pursue my personal interests. There is a reason the Student Union has won so many awards. It has something for everyone. As a jazz musician I joined the jazz and blues society and later became its president, here I developed my business organization, communication and networking skills, all of which have helped keep me organized on the dental clinic.