DipHE Dental Technology - Bianca O'Loughlin

Bianca O'Loughlin

Leeds focuses on preparing us to be the best dental care professionals we can be, giving us the tools to continue our professional development even after we leave.

As students we are constantly encouraged to self-analyse and assess our own work, and the works of others. This not only helps us to understand the aspects of good work and bad work, it also helps us to grow as clinicians, and provides an environment where information is actively exchanged with our colleagues. This in turn helps to enhance our communication and team work skills. Team work and good communication is essential in the practice of good dentistry, and here at Leeds we are given brilliant opportunities to improve these skills.

The most rewarding part of studying DentalHygiene and Therapy at Leeds is the high level of patient contact, which starts early and increases as the course goes on. This patient centred teaching motivates me to work hard, as I want to provide the best care possible for my patients.