MPH Public Health (International) - Nwadike Chukwuka


Nwadike Chukwuka, originally from Nigeria pursued the MPH Public Health (International).

What made you choose MPH Public Health (International) at Leeds?

I chose the MPH Public Health (International) because of my interest in health promotion and the prevention of diseases. I am a Physiotherapist but my experience in community medicine exposed me to the difficulties people are facing, so I was convinced I needed to contribute actively in the prevention of these disease conditions through my knowledge and skills in Public Health.

I have an interest in researching the best ways of preventing illnesses that affect the lives of people and ways of combating them. In addition I am fascinated by the monitoring and evaluation of health programmes.

I believe the programme will help me fulfil my vision to become a renowned Public Health Professional and leader in the world; it will also give me the opportunity to take up Public Health roles in the public and private sectors.

I chose the University of Leeds specifically because of the ranking and academic reputation in the world, large student body with diverse backgrounds and due to the alumni in my country, who hold strategic and important positions and the positive testimonials they have given of Leeds.

What was the highlight of the programme?

The highlight of my course is the interactive nature of the lectures and also the great emphasis on team work during the lecturers and group exercises. This has been so helpful because team work is a vital tool in Public Health practice.

In addition, the Nuffield Centre for Health and Development has a collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO), which allows students to travel to Geneva on a yearly basis to visit WHO and other international organisations for lectures and so on.

Another highlight of the course is the teaching methodology of the lecturers; they have excellent teaching skills that promote good understanding of the courses by the students. They understand that people have different knowledge, skills and background and adapt their styles accordingly.

Would you recommend MPH Public Health (International)to others?  

Of course, I will recommend the institution, my faculty and programme to people in the world because of the vast learning resources available for academic development, the quality and reputation of the programme and Leeds.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I wish to work in an international organisation after my graduation and progress my career as a renowned Public Health professional and leader in the world.

With my Public Health knowledge, skills and financial base, I wish to set up foundations in the future in Nigeria and developing countries where assistance will be provided to the less privileged and vulnerable people.

I also wish to promote the relevance of health promotion and prevention of diseases amongst my physiotherapy colleagues in Nigeria through workshops, seminars and so on.