MSc Pharmacy Practice - Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore 






Sarah Moore, from leeds pursued the MSc in Pharmacy practice.

What made you choose MSc Pharmacy Practice at Leeds?

Having completed my Postgradute Diploma at Leeds, I decided to continue my studies with the Masters. I originally chose the programme because of the emphasis on work-based learning, the availability of experienced teaching staff and the broad variety of available modules (including MUR accredition and independent prescribing).

What was the highlight of the programme?

One of my favourite aspects of this course is the opportunity to study alongside other healthcare professionals from different disciplines. My teaching groups have included pharmacists from other hospitals, community and primary care as well as doctors, nurses, midwives, radiographers, counsellors and social workers. This offers a brilliant learning environment and the teaching staff offer high quality support and feedback. 

I also particularly enjoyed learning new skills in diagnosis during the clinical examination module and also developing my research skills during the research methods module. 

Would you recommend MSc Pharmacy Practice to others? Why? 

I would strongly recommend the course to Pharmacists working across all sectors as the content and assessments can be tailored to your individual working environment and experience levels. Skills in reflective practice have also been so valuable when it comes to completing CPD entries. 

What do you plan to do after graduation?

Once I have finished my studies I will continue to apply my learning across all areas of my job through further involvement in teaching new pharmacists and conducting further research based in my workplace.