MSc Medical Imaging - Dr Akpan Spencer

Dr Akpan Spencer 






Dr Akpan Spencer, originally from Sierra Leone, pursued the MSc in Medical Imaging.

What made you choose MSc Medical Imaging at Leeds?

I chose the MSc in Medical Imaging due to my desire to pursue a career in Clinical Radiology and this programme has provided me with an understanding of the basic physics of radiological imaging including the physical properties of tissues which lead to the formation of the images.

Leeds is also a great city with an ethnically diverse population and a very vibrant night life. I have met many Leeds medical graduates and students who were glowing in their praise of the standard of education they received while studying here. 

What was the highlight of the programme?

Getting Hands on experience with the Ultrasound machines. 

Would you recommend MSc Medical Imaging to others? 

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone interested in a Radiology career either as a Radiologist or as a Radiographer because the knowledge gained is invaluable.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

To secure a Clinical Radiology Training Job in the Yorkshire and Humber deanery with the goal of becoming a Radiology Consultant in the future.