MSc Medical Imaging - Saika Kauser


Saika Kauser, from Lancashire undertook the MSc in Medical Imaging.

What made you choose MSc Medical Imaging at Leeds?

Having completed my undergraduate degree, I was looking for a change in direction to an area with a more clinical rather than research background. Medical Imaging was able to provide me with that insight as well as giving me a chance to experience a field that has always interested me and I would consider specialising in post medicine.

I chose Leeds as it offered the best in terms of university education standards and as a city to live in- it’s a great place to be. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and made my undergraduate degree so enjoyable that there was nowhere else I would rather go to complete my postgraduate studies.

Would you recommend MSc Medical Imaging to others? Why?  

Yes- I would say it is a worthwhile programme for anyone considering medicine/medical physics or looking to specialise in radiology after medicine. 

In addition, the opportunity to meet such a diversity of people should not be missed - there is a great range in terms of age and professional background on the programme and i have really enjoyed this and made some great friends.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

Study medicine.