MA Hospital Management - Dr Babitha Thimmaiah


Dr Babitha Thimmaiah, originally from India undertook the MA in Hospital Management.

What made you choose MA in Hospital Management at Leeds?

I wished to learn about the evolution in the management techniques from the 15 years history of the course. Since the course is primarily set in context to the various health sectors, it gives a broader aspect to my career choices not specifying me to either the private or public health sector alone. The programme is designed for health care professionals with some knowledge of management roles in health care, which suited my work experience. The programme helped me to better understand the principles and requirements of hospitals and also improved planning for the benefit of hospitals in order to overcome the drawbacks that I have noticed in my previous work experience.

In addition people rightly say, “Leeds - Live it, Love it”. Leeds being the cultural and financial hub of West Yorkshire has a lot to offer. There is so much life to the city. As I am interested in travel, Leeds was the perfect place to be in as it is close to most of the beautiful places in the United Kingdom.  

What was the highlight of the programme?

It’s the learning environment. The teachers are fantastic in what they do. One gets to learn from individuals who have done a lot of work in the countries the students come from. Also the diversity in the backgrounds of students, helps in exchanging ideas and one learns from each other’s experiences. It is also not always about class learning, we have had a lot of social activities through the course, for the students to return with unforgettable moments.

Would you recommend MA in Hospital Management to others?  

Definitely.  If anyone has an opportunity to study here, they should not think twice.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I want to be at the forefront of breaking trends and new technology. As we see a massive development in medical tourism across the world, there is an increased need for able and adaptable Hospital Managers, who will be able to take up the challenges of this rapidly growing industry. I want to be a part of this global change and do my best to bring in effective and efficient delivery of health care which ever part of the world I am in. I expect to prepare myself for this change by successfully completing this programme.