Foundation Systemic Family Therapy - Samuel Angus

Samuel Angus







Samuel Angus, from Leeds undertook the Foundation course in Systemic Family Therapy.

What made you choose the Foundation Systemic Family Therapy course at Leeds?

Due to the effect of the global economy, which has impacted on my personal role, I decided to use my life skills and natural abilities to help families and groups succeed in life. Plus within psychotherapy there seems to be fewer men than women and even fewer men from the Black Minority and Ethnic communities.

In addition it was convenient that I live in Leeds,  and a previous student, now lecturer at an alternative university, also highly recommended the Foundation Systemic Family Therapy course at Leeds. 

What was the highlight of the programme?

Initially the professionally coordinated registration on to the course, and now the knowledge and experience of the lecturers being shared in an understandable and enjoyable manner with the students.

Would you recommend the Foundation course in Systemic Family Therapy to others? 

Yes I would. So far the lecturers have been approachable and even though the course is currently run on an evening, after working the whole day, I still manage to stay attentive and learn something new and thought provoking after each lecture.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I plan to secure a position of employment  working in the field currently being studied as a Family Psychotherapist, then run my own practice in the future.