MSc Clinical Embryology - Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta 






Reena Gupta, from India studies for the MSc in Clinical Embryology.

What made you choose MSc Clinical Embryology at Leeds?

I chose to do this programme as it was specific to my career path of clinical embryology and I wished to understand the underlying science behind the various assisted reproductive techniques that are offered in present day IVF clinics. The programme certainly  benefited me in my daily job in the laboratory, as I feel I have acquired valuable knowledge that can be applied in practice in a clinical setting. 

What was the highlight of the programme?

I thoroughly enjoyed a hands-on practical session that involved dissecting ovaries from various species and analyzing ovarian tissues for primordial follicles. It was very interesting and I feel lucky to have been given a chance to participate in such research practicals. For me this was the highlight of the course. 

Would you recommend MSc Clinical Embryology to others? 

Yes I would definitely recommend this course to those who wish to gain a wider and deeper understanding of human reproduction and to implement the knowledge in the embryology lab.

Although it was a distance-learning programme, I never felt that I was away from the classroom as all the professors and tutors were just an e-mail away and responded promptly. All teaching staff were very encouraging and supportive throughout the programme.

How has the programme benefitted you?

I feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure and rare opportunity to study with students who were either embryologists or clinicians, from diverse cultures and backgrounds from all over the world, with the aim to further our knowledge in the world of fertility and human reproduction.