MSc Clinical Embryology - Anthony Price

Anthony Price 






Anthony Price, graduated from the MSc in Clinical Embryology in 2011.

What made you choose MSc Clinical Embryology at Leeds?

I chose this course as it had been specifically designed for Clinical Embryologists in full time employment and could therefore run conveniently alongside my job. Additionally the module syllabus provided a well rounded coverage of embryology appropriate to clinical practice. 

What was the highlight of the programme?

The ultimate highlight for me was graduating with Distinction.

Additionally I have enjoyed meeting and learning from lecturers and fellow students during the workshops which has allowed me to make some very good friendships and professional contacts. 

Would you recommend MSc Clinical Embryology to others? 

I would strongly advise any Clinical Embryologist to undertake this course as I feel it bridges gaps between clinical practice and scientific theory.

How has the programme benefitted you?

I have benefitted greatly from this programme as it has allowed me to extend my clinical embryology knowledge base from routine laboratory techniques  to providing me with greater insight into the scientific and clinical aspects surrounding embryology and reproductive medicine. It has also allowed me to become involved in teaching medical and life science undergraduates which i have greatly enjoyed.