MSc Clinical Dentistry - Gabriel Henrique Simon


Gabriel Henrique Simon, originally from Brazil, undertook the MSc Clinical Dentistry.

What made you choose MSc Clinical Dentistry at Leeds?

I had an offer from UCL and King's College as well (both in London), but chose Leeds as it was the only university that offered the specific programme I wanted and the lower living costs were also attractive.

I really appreciated the chance to learn the different techniques and methods taught in England and Europe about restorative dentistry, which is my favorite area. 

What was the highlight of the programme?

I'm still in the first months of a two year full-time course, and so far everything is quite valuable and interesting to me.

Would you recommend MSc Clinical Dentistry to others? 

Yes definitely. 

What do you plan to do upon graduation?

I want to specialise in Cosmetic Dentistry, whilst working in the UK.