MSc Advanced Practice - John Casey

John Casey 






John Casey,  undertook the MSc Advanced Practice, whilst working as a Project manager for the NHS.

What made you choose MSc Advanced Practice at Leeds?

The wide range of modules offered on the programme allowed me to choose the ones that would meet the specific requirement of Advanced Practice for my particular discipline, which was a real benefit.   

The University of Leeds and in particularly the School of Healthcare's reputation within the wider academic field also drew me to Leeds. In addition, working, living and studying (part-time) in Leeds meant that I had a better work life balance.

What was the highlight of the programme?

Meeting people from multiple disciplines is great for networking plus it gave me different perspectives of working within the NHS.

Would you recommend MSc Advanced Practice to others? 

Yes definitely. 

What do you plan to do upon graduation?

Hopefully, go on to further study in order to continue to develop my role within the NHS.