MSc Advanced Practice - Peter Byrom


Peter Byrom, from Sheffield studied the MSc Advanced Practice, whilst working as an Audiologist in Rotherham.

What made you choose MSc Advanced Practice at Leeds?

I studied for my BSc in Audiology at Leeds and enjoyed the experience so much i decided to return for the MSc. The MSc in Advanced Practice also allowed me to explore and research a specific area i wanted to.  

What was the highlight of the programme?

The commissioning module – a real understanding of how the process works, and the fabulous support from the academic team.

Would you recommend MSc Advanced Practice to others? 

Yes definitely, if they are keen to develop their skills, but you have to be committed to balance study with work and life. 

What do you plan to do upon graduation?

No more study (for a while at least)– I’ll be 48 years old soon.  Definitely more family time.