MSc International Health - Sally McVinish


Sally McVinish is studying medicine at Hull York Medical School and currently intercalating in MSc International Health at Leeds.

Why did you choose to intercalate at Leeds?

I feel the enthusiastic and experienced tutors, fellow students from diverse backgrounds and the experience, expertise and reputation of the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development at the School of Medicine have combined to really set this programme head and shoulders above others.

As someone not from the region, I also feel the University of Leeds is a brilliant university with a lot to offer – its prime location in the city of Leeds, vibrant city life, great night life and music scene.

What has been the highlight of the course?

Highlights of the MSc in International Health have been the opportunity to go abroad with the annual Geneva Trip and my international placement in Morocco as part of the research project.

Would you recommend MSc International Health to others?

I would definitely recommend this programme to others who are interested in health issues around the world as well as the broader aspects of health – politics, economics, conflict and demographics.

What are your plans for the future?

After graduation I plan to return to medical school for one more year, then work as a Doctor with the long term ambition of working in the international health arena.