MBChB Medicine and Surgery - Kaat Marynissen

Kaat Marynissen 






Kaat Marynissen, originally from Lancashire, is a 1st year MBChB student.

What made you choose the MBChB?

I’ve been interested in medicine for many years and the course allows me to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor. 

Why did you choose to come to Leeds?

As soon as I looked around I fell in love with the campus and I had heard nothing but good things about the city too. Every student I spoke to on the open day was friendly and willing to give their honest opinion on their experiences, which seemed almost universally positive. Ultimately though I chose Leeds because of the course. The way the course is structured allows for early interaction with patients and gives you the chance to observe in “real life” clinical settings such as on a ward or at a GP practice. I feel that these small glimpses of your future are crucial as a medical student - they inspire you to work harder and remind you of the end goal.

What has been the highlight of the MBChB?

Wet dissection has been a fantastic aspect of the course and I feel lucky to be able to take advantage of it. Not every medical school offers this and I have found it absolutely invaluable in my learning…being able to explore the human body myself helps to cement all the textbook theory and make it much more accessible.

What came as a surprise?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much group learning has been integrated into the course. It feels like a good balance between traditional lecture-based and self-directed learning, as well as more interactive sessions. It’s been a great way of getting to know my peers as well.

What advice would you offer to prospective students?

Don’t be discouraged by any setbacks - be they academic or something you encounter during work experience. If you know that this is the course for you then keep going. Keep applying for opportunities, keep working for the entry requirements, because it will pay off. This first year at Leeds has already been amazing and I’ve no doubt that the next four years will be some of the best of my life!