PGR - Kamron Khan

Kamron Khan, originally from Manchester is currently undertaking a PhD in Ophthalmic Molecular Genetics.

What made you choose Ophthalmic Molecular Genetics at PhD level?

My clinical interest (I’m an Ophthalmologist) and the fact that the specific area of research was driven by patient need.  

Why did you choose to come to Leeds?

When deciding where to undertake my research, it was important to have the likelihood of a successful outcome, as determined by a combination of projects offered, supervision and facilities of the host institution. I had an informal interview with my Supervisor which led me to believe Leeds met all my requirements as well as having world leading Ophthalmic Genetic researchers based here.

What was the highlight of the PhD?

Identifying novel genetic causes for inherited eye disease facilitating prenatal diagnosis for the families involved.

Would you recommend a PhD to others? Why?

Yes, but only if their heart is in it. There is lots of hard work and effort put in by multiple people. I would also recommend individuals are very careful when choosing their project and Supervisor.

What have been the benefits of postgraduate research at Leeds?

Benefits include personal development and dedicated time to study an area of personal interest in depth. The opportunity to interact with world leaders in my field and contributing to scientific advances (hopefully) is also an advantage. 

How do you think your PhD has helped you?

Hopefully my Phd will form the basis of an academic medical career.

I plan to continue with more of the same work as I’ve enjoyed my PhD and time at Leeds. I am currently applying for Clinician Scientist fellowships.