About the Graduate School

PhD student

Across the Faculty of Medicine and Health, we host postgraduates involved in a range multidisciplinary research areas.

Leeds has a vibrant research environment, which attracts researchers from all over the world. It is a great place for postgraduate study, and there are immense opportunities at both Masters and Doctoral level to contribute to world leading research. If you are a prospective student then this site will direct you to the information that you need to decide what you want to do, and other information about life at the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the application procedures.

For current students this web site is the place to get information about training and development opportunities, and to register for events. We also have valuable information and links on this site to help postgraduate students with their work throughout their time with us.

The Faculty Graduate School has a number of important functions. We

  • Help recruit the best students from around the world and match them to appropriate academic supervisors
  • Provide induction information so that you know what the Faculty and Leeds has to offer
  • Provide a wide range of programmes and resources that will help students succeed in their research, write a better PhD thesis in a timely fashion and realise their full potential
  • Facilitate training opportunities to allow postgraduates from different disciplines and Schools/Institutes to meet each other and share ideas
  • Provide a variety of resources to help our postgraduates travel to, deliver papers at conferences and organise their own training activities and events
  • Oversee the quality of the supervision and training you will be offered while at the Faculty of Medicine and Health at Leeds.

In all our activities and services, the Graduate School aims to provide both intellectual and social contact between graduates of different disciplines and from diverse backgrounds and countries. The Graduate School is here to help make rewarding contacts outside the close confines of the laboratory, clinical suite or the library, whether within the University of Leeds or in the wider world.