Why we commit to research with impact
In the School of Healthcare we believe that research should make a difference and improve knowledge  peoples’ lives and health. The contract we have with society involves us “giving back” and providing a return on the investment made in us by the public, industry and charitable funds. .

What do we mean by research impact?
‘Impacts’ are the effects on, changes or benefits to economies, societies, cultures, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework 84% of our examples of research impact was judged as outstanding in terms of reach and significance. We were ranked 6th in the UK for our research impact.

Here’s an example of one of our pharmacy team’s research programs and its impact

Here are some more examples of our research and associated impact.
If our research  has influenced you or your organisation we would love to hear from you