Patient Led Innovation

Patient Led Innovation (PLI)

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PLI involves innovating existing products and services to meet the needs of patients and carers, by engaging with patients throughout an innovation-led design process. The benefits are that PLI:

  • places the patient first, which gives them a strong voice amongst stakeholder groups 
  • responds to a clear need or concern identified by patients and users 
  • increases long term health and wellbeing benefits for patients and carers
  • speeds up the innovation process by involving patients and carers at the very beginning and throughout, whilst managing the associated risks 
  • improves the quality of the product or service as it is being continually tested and validated by patients and carers throughout identifies profit-making products and a strong business case for industry and third sector partners
  • creates regular interaction between patients and industry designers and engineers, and healthcare professionals, which increases ownership and adoption of the product or service
  • creates an equal power balance and partnership between the patients and those that are helping to innovate a product or service
  • encourages adoption and diffusion of these innovations throughout the stakeholder groups, particularly within the NHS
  • increases trust and respect between the different stakeholder groups 
  • establishes mutually beneficial partnership working between the public and private sector 
  • avoids products that are not fit for purpose, acceptable to or needed by patients, or not developed with industry, healthcare professionals and patients.


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