Research and Service Users

Service User's Research

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Service users as researchers

Increasingly service users and carers are becoming involved in research not just as study participants but as co-researchers, helping to inform priority areas for research, and the subsequent design and conduct of studies. We are keen to increase public involvement in our research to ensure that the research we undertake meets the needs of those using health services.

If you decide that you would like to get involved in research here are some ways in which you can work with us:

  • help researchers design projects so that they address important and relevant areas
  • help develop understandable information sheets for people taking part in research
  • join a research management or advisory group
  • train to carry out some of the research (for example interviews)
  • help interpret the results of the research
  • help make sure the research is reported in understandable ways
  • help make sure good research is heard about.

Some of the ways that members of the public make a difference to health and social care research are by:

  • making sure that researchers ask the right questions and in a way that the public understand
  • keeping the research on track so that it stays relevant
  • making sure the people being researched are approached in the right way
  • improving the quality of the research by adding another point of view to the design and conduct.

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